WARSTONE Investigative & Security Services
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WARSTONE Investigative & Security Services
Detective Services
Our company was started by an Army veteran, and includes military employees. Our values are strong and are upheald by accountability and helping our clients.

  1. Surveillance
    We work during the day and night, to accomplish our mission. We have the right equipment and the proper training. Surveillance always requires an updated plan to improve results. We are committed to getting everything our client needs. Specially if is an unfaithful wife or husband.
  2. Criminal Investigations
    Our team will collect and interview witnesses. We will also gather evidence by looking for clues on the information collected to dispute your charges. If a crime has been committed, and you are innocent, we will uncover the truth.
  3. Employment Interviews
    This office can conduct background investigations and interview your employees. Most of our investigators have a strong background in human resources.
  4. Fraud and Insurance
    We offer services related to worker's compensation investigations throughout the State of Pennsylvania. We have the best surveillance team in the state. We also reconstruct auto accidents and conduct the investigations by interviewing the witnesses and subject(s).
  5. Missing Persons
    There are hundreds of cases of missing persons at any given time in Pennsylvania, but local agencies may not be able to find them. If you have an unsolved lost or missing person case, we can help.
  6. Process Service
    We offer the service of legal process-subpoenas, summons, court notice delivery, etc. We accept services such as email scans, FedEx, UPS and regular mail or we can pick items up. We deliver the same day, up to 3 times per person for the same price.
  7. Domestic Affairs
    We specialize in unfaithful wife or husband investigations. Let us end your anxiety and get evidence for court hearings. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We are the perfect witness for your case.
  8. International Investigations
    Warstone has confidential sources in Central America, South America, and Spain. We speak Spanish and Portuguese. We specialize in liaison investigations and under cover operations. We can review your case and provide you with a plan of action prior to having a contract with us.
  9. Security Details
    We specialize in every kind of security detail. Most of our employees are ex-military with the experience necessary to provide the best protection. We will protect your home or business property and staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment. Looking our for signs of crime, disorder and will investigate disturbances.